We hope you choose Kadak Garden Hotel during your stay in Istanbul. For you to have a convenient and comfortable time in our Istanbul 5 star hotel is our greatest desire. We want you to know that everything in this hotel was designed to make you happy and we work eagerly for you to have great memories that you can tell your friends and relatives about.

Our hotel is 3 kms to Atatürk Airport (7-8 minutes by driving), one of the rare hotels in İstanbul with 120 rooms, 260 beds, with emerald green gardens and has the opportunities, comfort and quality to respond to all your needs during your business and touristic trips. In our hotel you may take advantage of outdoor beauty that does not exist in a city hotel.

You may wander around our gardens with thousands of plants and trees and beautified with various ornamental pools without being restricted in a concrete building. You can have conversations as in a holiday hotel and enjoy the nature.

Please inform the front desk if you need any assistance about your business in İstanbul or your stay in our hotel. It is our pleasure to assist you.

You will have the opportunity to taste selected international dishes, rich Turkish Cuisine and Turkey’s local tastes in our restaurants such as Kadak Restaurant, Lobby Cafe & Bar, Sports Cafe & Bar and Authentic Cafe.

Coşkun KADAK, General Manager Kadak Garden Hotel “Your Home in İstanbul”